Rainbow flavour IVG Bar Disposable by IVG

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Disposable device can vape up to 600 puffs with 16 unique flavours

A blend of mixed fruits and berries, a perfect combination with amazing flavours with each exhale.

The IVG bars are the perfect Disposable as they require no knowledge about vaping to use them, they are a 'pick up and ready to vape' type kit!

IVG Bars come in a 20mg Nicotine salt and many different flavours ranging from fruit to tobacco to even Menthol, meaning everyone can find something for them! 

The ease of not having to refill means you won't run the risk of spilling and wasting your favourite eliquid, and the draw activation makes the whole vaping experience seamless, after all, you don't hold a button to smoke your cigarette do you?

After opening the device and taking your first draw activated hit you will be amazed at the flavour and the smoothness of the IVG Bars, not to mention the 500mah battery paired with the 2ml eliquid will allow you to vape up to 600 Puffs without so much as charging your device.

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