Who are BuyEliquid?

Here at BuyEliquid, we started out as a small local shop specialising in computer peripherals, stationery and ink cartridges.

As the E-Cigarette market slowly grew in size we decided we would get involved in helping people kick the nasty habit of smoking!

Since that day (around 6 or 7 years ago), we've never looked back!

We started our E-Liquid range with the Brand Diamond Mist, which has proven to be one of our most popular brands with our customers over the years.

As more and more people make the switch over from smoking to vaping, the odds of totally eradicating cigarettes have never looked better!

Our new goal is to help the good people of the United Kingdom to kick the ciggies!

Here at BuyEliquid we are always available to give advice, have a chat, or simply reassure you that you're doing something correctly, just pop us an email!

We strive to offer the best, most affordable and safest Vape Kits at the lowest prices!



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