How Many puffs in a Geekbar Disposable Vape Kit Blueberry Ice

So, How Many puffs do you get in a Geek Bar Disposable Vape Kit?

The Geekbar is one of the most popular new Disposable vape kits that we have tried here at Buy Eliquid, our customers tell us they usually get between 550 and 600 puffs out of each kit, which is equivalent to around 40 traditional stinky cigarettes!

We now stock the Geekbar Pro which has the same great features as the Geekbar but with 1500 puffs per kit!

One of the main benefits of using a Disposable Vape kit such as a Geekbar is that you have no need to change your coil, fill your tank with e-liquid or even charge your device! This is why we believe so many people are opting to use Disposables to finally kick the habit!


Banana Ice - Frozen Bananas

Blackcurrant Menthol - Frozen Blackcurrant

Blueberry Ice - Frozen Blueberries

Geek Berg - Iced Mixed Berries

Grape - Sweet Black Grape

Green Mango - Sweet and sour Mango

Lemon Tart - Pastry with Lemon filling

Lychee Ice - Frozen Lychee

Mango Ice - Frozen Mango

Passion Fruit - A fruit full of Passionate flavour

Peach Ice - Frozen Peaches

Pink LemonadeYour favourite fizzy drink, but pink!

Strawberry Ice Cream - Cool Strawberry Ice Cream


Have you tried Elf Bars? They are among the new range of Disposable Vape kits here at Buyeliquid

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Freya John

Freya John

Really good I had pink lemonade geek bar lasted me up to 5-6 days really recommend x



Awesome blog! Thank you to sharing very important information to us.

Vape Kit UK

Vape Kit UK

You are proving very good and relevant information….

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